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A solo adventure of fantastic porportions

The town of Dragon’s Ridge is being threatened by a powerful Dark Lord and its deadly Minions.

The call has gone out for a Hero to rise up and undertake a series of Quests, each designed to bring ruin to the Dark Lord’s dark plans.

Do you have what it takes to solve the Quests before Darkness consumes Dragon’s Ridge and its inhabitants?

MyQuest is a solo game designed to allow you to explore a fantasy town and its surrounding wilds in an attempt to thwart the plans of the enemy - a Dark Lord and its deadly Minions.


Players choose from one of six different Heroes and must undertake 3 Quests, chosen at random from a deck of 30 Quest Cards. Before the game begins, one of 10 different Dark Lord Cards will be selected (at random) for the player to rise up against, each with a unique power and the command over one of four different Minion types: infernal demons, unrelenting undead, savage beasts, or elemental primordials. Heroes must overcome terrible Misfortune Cards that get in their way and will even have to face Encounter Cards that provide various skill checks that they will have to master as they undertake their Quests.

But time is not on the player's side, for the Threat of Evil track grows as Minions reach the town square or certain cards are drawn from the Misfortune deck. Does your Hero have what it takes to battle back against the likes of Evil such as the Demon Prince, Insane Horror, Ancient Dragon, Troll King, or Lich (to name a few)? Only the brave, cunning, and quick will be victorious.

  • 30 Quest Cards
  • 30 Gear Cards
  • 30 Encounter Cards
  • 30 Misfortune Cards
  • 10 Dark Lord Cards
  • 6 Hero Cards
  • 36 Minion Tokens
  • 10 Health, Willpower, Gold Tokens
  • 7 Location Closed Tokens
  • 6 six-sided Dice
  • 1 Gameboard
  • 1 Threat of Evil Token
  • 1 Hero Pawn
  • Rulebook
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