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A Unique Fantasy Role-Playing Game

Welcome to the world of Valtyr, a place filled with myth and magic, knights and rogues, and adventures to be found in wondrous landscapes born of imagination. Here there be curious dragons and fallen gods, lost artifacts and deadly shadowborn. Here, your adventure awaits...

Valtyr Chronicles is a role-playing game, which allows you and your friends to assume the roles of characters you create in a richly deatiled world.


Four Ages spanning more than 10,000 years have passed in Valtyr. Strange and fantastical races fill the lands with their own unique cultures. Leaders rule over vast kingdoms, some shattered and torn by the Great War, others practically untouched since the beginning of time. A magic fog called the Voss fills the air, and those with the courage and will to master it can weave great spells. Gods fight against their own kind in the heavens above for the right to control the races of the world.


Everywhere you look, men, elves, dwarves, and cerenoth love, fight, pray, study, and die alongside each other for their own codes and ambitions. This is the world of Valtyr - a world you are about to enter.

  • 132 full color page book
  • 84 Special Player Talent Powers
  • 68 Unique Spells
  • 63 pages of Rich Valtyr History
  • 25 Unique Monsters with simple rules for creating your own
  • 10 Highly Detailed Nation Maps
  • 4 Playable Races
  • Custom Character Sheet
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