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Printing for Dark Secrets has begun

June 06,2016

That's right! Mass Production has begun for Rise of Cthulhu's first expansion, entitled Dark Secrets. Preproduction copies have been approved and Panda Games is officially underway on printing. Retail units should be on track to arrive by early August, with shipping to all Kickstarter backers by mid-September, right on schedule.

It's always an exciting time to see something you have worked on come to life. And being as this is my first expansion ever, I am equally thrilled with the entire affair. The card printing for the advanced unit turned out beautifully. We had to lighten the box art and a few of the backs of the cards to make sure that they matched the base set, but the final copy matches perfectly. Looking forward to getting this in players' hands in a few months and seeing what you all think.

Here's a final shot of the expansion cards backs and the components. Until next time, good gaming to you all.

Shot of the final components, minus the rulesheets

Comparing card backs  Left = Expansion,  Right = Base Game

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