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Chuck D. Yager is the founder of Dragon King Games. By day, he is an Executive Producer in the video game industry; by night, he is an avid game designer.


Chuck has designed/published his own role-playing game entitled Valtyr Chronicles. He has also written several short stories, and designed/published the successful card games Zombies vs Werewolves, Rise of Cthulhu, and Dark Secrets. Partnering with Z-Man Games, Chuck has recently designed the much anticiapted Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu, a copperative board game for 2-4 players releasing at GenCon 2016. Currently he is hard at work on finishing his solo board game MyQuest as well as a few new, unannounced games.


Chuck loves reading fantasy novels, playing role-playing games (every Sunday), studying (and drinking) wine, and anything at all that has to do with dragons. He lives in California with his beautiful wife, two amazing children, and an imaginary seahorse named Hip.

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